PL/SQL Programming

Learn Programming in PL/SQL

The course PL/SQL Programmig is an introduction to the PL/SQL programming language. The course covers PL/SQL syntax, declaring variables, conditional statements, loop statements, explicit and implicit cursors.

PL/SQL Programming is a hands-on course and you will be provided with full course notes, sample database, instructions how the install Oracle XE Server on your computer and as well all the examples. A link to the video recoding of the lecturer’s screen will be sent to you after each session.

Key Topics in PL/SQL Programming

  • What is and why use PL/SQL?
  • SQL*Plus and SQL Developer
  • PL/SQL block structure
  • Declaring and using variables
  • Datatypes, %TYPE and %ROWTYPE
  • IF and CASE statements
  • Handling Exceptions
  • LOOP Statements
  • User-defined types
  • Explicit cursors
  • Cursors’ Attributes
  • Implicit Coursors

Who Should Attend PL/SQL Programming?

This course is for application developers, database administrators and developers.


Students taking this course should have taken the following classes or have equivalent knowledge of:


The overall duration of the course is 10 hours

Training Formats

  • At your site
  • Live on-line instructor-led
  • Public classes

Course Language

  • English