Programming in C

The hands-on course Programming in C is dedicated to one of the
most powerful and widely used programming languages – C. The training covers the
syntax and constructs of the ANSI-C programming language and it is entirely vendor
and platform independent.

Basic and several advanced topics are included in the course agenda. The overall
course objective is to acquire practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the C programming at production coding level by the end of the course.

The training Programming in C is intended for both participants having little or no experience in programming and programmers with experience in other programming languages.


  • General terms and concepts. Software and utilities you need during this course
  • Declaring and using variables
  • Operators
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • Defining macros
  • Functions
  • Pointers and pointer arithmetic
  • Dynamic memory management
  • User defined types
  • Text and binary file input/output


The overall duration of the course is 16 hours

Training Formats

  • At your site
  • Live on-line instructor-led
  • Public classes

Course Language

  • English