LPIC-1: Preparation for Exam 101

This course is designed to help you to prepare to meet the objectives required for passing the 101 exam that is required for LPIC-1 certification. The course is updated agaist the v4.0 objectives.

The course is hands-on and you will be provided with full course notes, virtual machines (Debian and CentOS) and instructions how to install and use them during the training.
A link to the video recoding of the lecturer’s screen will be sent to you after each session.


  • 101.1 Determine and configure hardware settings
  • 101.2 Boot the system
  • 101.3 Change runlevels/boot targets and shutdown or reboot system
  • 102.1 Design hard disk layout
  • 102.2 Install a boot manager
  • 102.3 Manage shared libraries
  • 102.4 Use Debian package management
  • 102.5 Use RPM and YUM package management
  • 103.1 Work on the command line
  • 103.2 Process text streams using filters
  • 103.3 Perform basic file management
  • 103.4 Use streams, pipes and redirects
  • 103.6 Modify process execution priorities
  • 103.7 Search text files using regular expressions
  • 103.8 Perform basic file editing operations using vi
  • 104.1 Create partitions and filesystems
  • 104.2 Maintain the integrity of filesystems
  • 104.3 Control mounting and unmounting of filesystems
  • 104.4 Manage disk quotas
  • 104.5 Manage file permissions and ownership
  • 104.6 Create and change hard and symbolic links
  • 104.7 Find system files and place files in the correct location


The overall duration of the course is 16 hours.

Training Formats

  • At your site
  • Live on-line instructor-led
  • Public classes

Course Language

  • English